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About Our R&D and Intellectual Property Firm

Founded in 2006, Obsidian Research was formed in order to fill an existing gap in the intellectual property sector between the patent lawyer and the inventor or intellectual property owner. Obsidian Research provides IP, R&D, and product development consulting for entrepreneurs, investors, and inventors as well as small and medium sized organizations. Meet some of our consultants to learn more.

Experts Support Us and Our Clients
Academic Resources

Obsidian Research enjoys a close proximity to the University of California at Irvine and excellent relationships with several of its faculty and associated researchers. Some of the other academic institutions at which we have connections to faculty and researchers include UCLA, UCB, Stanford, John Hopkins, Harvard, and MIT.

Business Network

We have a wide array of valued relationships with many members of the venture capital community, the corporate sector, the government sector, and the defense industry in the US and abroad.

Subject Matter Expertise

Obsidian Research also draws on a broad network of professional associates for subject matter expertise. A short but by no means exhaustive list of represented specialties includes: electrical, civil, aerospace, environmental, and mechanical engineering, material science, computer science and programming, chip design, logic programming, embedded systems, chemistry, biochemistry, a wide range of surgical and research oriented medical specialties, theoretical and applied mathematics, theoretical and applied physics, and an array of legal specialties including patent, trademark, and corporate law.

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