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Meet Some of Our Consultants
Felix Hamilton

Mr. Hamilton has been involved in academic research and commercial R&D in a variety of different arenas since 1988. His most recent full time position involved algorithmic R&D, building an intellectual property strategy, and implementing that strategy by writing and filing a comprehensive set of patents with the USPTO for a software startup company. The company was subsequently sold to a large publicly held corporation in 2005 at a valuation based in some part on the perceived value of its intellectual property portfolio. He has since been involved in contract R&D and intellectual property consulting on a full time basis for a diverse clientèle.

Akin Tatoglu

Mr. Tatoglu is a multidisciplinary computer systems engineer who has worked on a wide variety of multinational commercial R&D projects since 2000. The sectors he focuses on are ocean engineering, autonomous systems, AI and industrial control systems, and sport technologies. Several of his projects have resulted in intellectual property in the US and Europe.

Christopher Wang

Chris Wang is an electrical engineer, chip designer, and computer scientist with over 12 years experience serving on standards committees and doing large scale product development. He currently runs FreakLabs - an engineering and wireless networking consulting firm - from offices in Japan and is working on, among other things, an open source implementation of the Zigbee protocol stack.

Jim Hamilton

Dr. Hamilton is currently Principal Engineer, Aerospace MILSATCOM division, with lead responsibilities for Aerospace work on space networking. He has also served as the information systems architect and planner for The Aerospace Corporation, where he was responsible for all aspects of the company’s IT architecture, including strategic planning, technology assessment, and design of infrastructure and services. As a corporate Distinguished Engineer, Dr. Hamilton was responsible for architecting national security space systems, and served as a director for corporate research activities in computing. He has won numerous awards for system architectures and his other accomplishments.

Yegin Genc

Yegin Genc is currently with Interneer Inc, as a Business Process Consultant specialized in human centric business process management practices. He has conducted various gap analysis and needs assessments for BPM system implementations that are focused in workflow management. He has managed BPM software implementations in a wide variety of industries including construction, utilities, retail, consumer electronics and health care. These skills complement a strong international background in mechanical engineering and R&D.

Emile Snyder

Emile is a physicist and computer scientist who got his start in academic research at Reed College in 1995 working on artificial life algorithms. He subsequently became interested in Linux and free, open source software, contributing to projects like CoSource and monotone. He is currently a software scientist at the Avamar division of EMC, working on server side functions and programmatic interfaces for Avamar products including an NDMP client.

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