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Contact Information for Obsidian Research and Development
Our Mailing Address

Obsidian Research and Development

3941 S. Bristol Suite D542

Santa Ana, CA 92704

Email Contact Information

Our general email contact address is The email addresses of specific groups or individuals can be provided if requests are made via this email address.

Client Questionnaires

There are two client questionnaires we request potential clients to fill out. The basic one contains general questions about your contact and business information as well as a couple of short questions about your current interest, and asks you to make a determination as to which of our areas of expertise (R&D consulting, IP issues, or international services) would be most applicable. The second questionnaire will be emailed to you after our initial contact or can be downloaded, and asks questions more specifically relevant to your area of interest.

Feel Free To Open a Dialogue Today

At Obsidian Research we are quite passionate about intellectual property issues and general research and development topics, and would like to encourage anyone with questions of any kind to send us an email so we can open a discussion.