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The Obsidian Research and Development Process

At Obsidian Research, we believe that a well defined work process is a key component of our success. By working to accurately define requirements, milestones, and delivery dates, and making sure to keep the lines of communication open, we insure that the work product we deliver is on time and matches or exceeds all client expectations. An outline of our overall process may demonstrate the validity of this approach.

Our Work Process
  1. Download, fill out, and return the initial version of our client questionnaire.
  2. Schedule your initial one hour teleconference.
  3. Participate in the one hour consultation and discuss your project and expectations in detail.
  4. Choose the service offering and terms we agree is most suited to your needs.
  5. Verify the SOW (Statement of Work), associated contracts, payment schedule, and NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements, if applicable) generated as a result of the initial consultation.
  6. Return the signed SOW, contracts and NDAs, retaining copies for your records.
  7. Supply any data or design documents required for us to begin work.
  8. Review the work generated at each milestone outlined in the SOW, adhere to the payment schedule, and communicate with us as needed for revisions and clarifications.
  9. Sign off on the final work products generated, and, if willing, complete our exit questionnaire.

Send us an email now at to start the process.