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Research and Development Services

Maintaining an ongoing commitment to research and development is a key requirement for success in the modern marketplace. Generally successful startups and entrepreneurs seem to understand this fact instinctively, and this understanding is in most cases rewarded by the market. All too frequently, however, an individual or organization has the business savvy and insight to develop a preliminary design for a new or improved product and the market positioning required to exploit it, but lacks the technical sophistication or domain expertise to follow through on prototyping, development, and manufacturing. This is where Obsidian Research and Development can help.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Our breadth of domain expertise and entrepreneurial experience allow us to maximize the returns on your R&D dollar. The synergy generated by our understanding of your business and technical constraints allows us to deliver a work product that is substantially better, cheaper and quicker to produce, while at the same time minimizing all non-recurring development costs and delivery timeframes.

Existing Products and Processes Can Always Be Improved

Even successful companies and individuals who do not believe they require any research and development resources can be surprised at the kind of cost, efficiency, and quality improvements we can achieve by making only incremental changes to current products, manufacturing, delivery, or other miscellaneous in house processes. In the current economic environment, even marginal improvements can be critical to the overall health of your business.

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