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Why Obsidian Research and Development?

There are three intersecting components that combine to characterize and define an effective intellectual property and R&D strategy: business considerations, technical concerns, and patent issues. Traditionally these areas are often represented by different individuals within an organization or by individuals from separate organizations entirely. It is not uncommon for an organization developing an intellectual property strategy or product line to hire business and technical consultants, an IP consultant, and a law firm specializing in intellectual property.

Obsidian Core Expertise

Obsidian Research and Development provides a single point resource that has extensive business, technical, and IP expertise and can integrate the insights and competencies of your other resources without the misunderstandings, errors, and general hiccups that frequently are the unwanted side effects of the traditional IP and R&D development process. The intellectual property, prototypes, and products generated are also generally improved by insuring that business, technical, and legal concerns are all taken into account and competently addressed in the final result.

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